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Hey guys! Are you experiencing crashing issues while trying to play our new app Wild Runner? Some of the older versions of iPhone and iPod that are not supported by the app may cause your device to experience memory issues. You can possibly fix this issue by closing other running applications in order to ease the crashing issue on your device.

Don’t know how to close other applications and stop them from running? Here’s how!

We hope that these steps will help Wild Runner perform better on your device. If this solution did not help, then we recommend playing on a more recent version of iOS or device.

“Wild Runner” Game Problems? (iPhone, iPod, iPad)

Fantage Rocks! (Welcome)


Hey guys! My Fantage username is “ninjsome.” You might see me around, but even though I’m not at a very high level, I know a lot! So, thanks for coming to Fantage Reality. Improve your knowledge and brain with this website. Look at the top of this website, and find your favorite things! Good luck on your journey, and see ya around!!!
If you have questions or comments, feel free to email along with your username.