Hello, Banner People!


I’m thinking of creating a banner page for people who want to advertise my website… I just need to figure out if I’m good at it, though. If you think you can create a custom banner for me, that’s awesome, please comment on this post or email fantagereality@yahoo.com. (It would be nice if you made the title: “Bannermaker”.) Thanks! IF I LIKE YOUR BANNER, I WILL GIVE YOU A PRIZE! I CAN HELP YOU EARN STARS AND LEVEL YOU UP IF YOU GIVE ME UR USERNAME AND PASS. I WILL NOT BAN, I DON’T LIKE CHEATING/BANNING, SO YOU CAN TRUST ME. If you want another prize, I will see which one you like the best. (All conversations MUST go through email.) Also, I will allow 5 (five) banners to be used (created).


About ❤☮icy☮❤

Hey there! It's...❤☮icy☮❤!!!! I am the owner of Icy Dreams and Fantage Reality. (http://icyangelwings.wordpress.com and https://fantagereality.wordpress.com) I've been a blogger for about more than a year, but I love it :) If you want to contact me, just email me at fantagereality@yahoo.com. Thanks!

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  1. Im Going To Create banner For Ya… But I Dont Need A Prize Cuz Im A Mem With Loads Of Stars So I Dont Need Much… Ill Email it 2 Ya As Soon As I Can … Thanks!

    Merry Chrsitmas,



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