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Lolz, so I guess that was my official introduction.  I guess I am the new editor of FantageReality, not entirely sure how that happened, but I’m very glad to be a part of the team. I guess you guys might want to know a bit about me so well lets see what I have…  Fantage: I have a Fantage account dojo1234, the origin of that username is very short, might tell it to you guys sometime later. I don’t play Fantage 24/7, it’s more of an on/off thing for me, so don’t expect to see me everyday. About me: I have Koi fishies, I used to also have parakeets and a puppy, but something happened to them…I ♥ puppies, but unfortunately, we’ve had 1 and probably won’t be able to convince my parents for another 😦 I have a blog as well, although it is not a wordpress 😐 it is called if you wanted to know. Ummm…well that’s it I guess

Phew I wrote longer then I expected



Okie, hi again!

So today I went to the status bar for my website, and I literally freaked out. I went to “Yesterday” and that’s what happened. 89 views in one day is my personal best! (I know some bloggers get more than that…) Here is a pic:

Awkward Status

It’s amazing how I got views from other countries. Thanks everyone!!!