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Sorry I haven’t been posting a lot! (Neither did pineapplegu) cuz we have a HUGE BUT UNREASONABLE test for 4 DAYS, so we have to keep track! I will try to post more after the test, so please hang on! Also soooooo sorry I haven’t been on the computer for DAYS. Skating is in the way these days… huge competition coming up on May 18.

It would be nice if fairypix or aprsept could post about some Fantage events… both of you have been so patient and nice to me and I might rank you up a rank to admin or editor! I just wanna say thanks!



Food Help for Michelle? Here it is!


Do you need help on finding the food carts for Michelle? Here they are!

Popcorn is at the Beach.

Cotton Candy is Uptown.

Hot Dogs are at the Carnival.

Funnel Cakes are at the Creature Arena.

Hope this helped!

Zack and Michelle’s Date!


Yay! Long time no post about Fantage… lol. Okay here it goes…

You have to find shops and carts to fill up Michelle and Zack.


Daily Spin!!


And then you can play to get tickets, and you can redeem them for items!


Here are the items… It’s just a few, but there are more!