Monthly Archives: June 2013

Sum Photos


Well it all started yesterday when I saw Cristina(792) and Tiaryn hanging out together at Trade and Sell (Julianna was there too). They’re both 2000+ level Fantagians!

I was gonna put there IDfone pics together and I did on Paint but I forgot to save is apparently since I couldn’t find it anywhere in my files today…


They were dressed like twins.

And when I was checking out Tiaryn’s IDfone and saw that her home was open I visited and looked through her album to find these pics of her, some of her friends, and a zeus guy! There were pics of her with Cristina792 but I couldn’t find them in my files… (my computer has more than 2000 pictures on it and is very unorganized).


The username is actually something like _____zeus_____ but like almost close enough right?




Not posting for a while…


Hey guys! Just to let you know, I will NOT post from June 15 to June 27, because I will be going on VACATION!!!!!!!! (unless I can find Wi-Fi…) So yeah… Just a reminder. Keep up the good work editors and authors! If you need to contact me, I will probably have to return your message after June 27.

Please email me by June 15 for urgent stuff…

That’s it, short post.