As promised a…….Giveaway!!!


Fantage cheats by aprsept | Fantage cheats 2015


Happy Birthday Fantage Cheats By Aprsept!!!

On the 1st birthday of my blog,we  are having A big


Non bloggers can participate!! You’ll have to earn points, the highest points earned will be the winner!

How to enter-

  • Comment- I join
  • Reblog (No copy pasting)
  • Follow the blog!

Earn points-

Please comment and let me know what have you done from the following options!

  • Advertising my blog in widgets- 50 points Click here to get a banner
  • In a post- 20 points
  • Invite 7 people- 60 points
  • Invite a person- 5 points
  • Reblog on 2 other blogs- 40 points (Not on the one which already has a reblogged post)- (Reblogging on other blog will not be posssible so copy & paste the post and provide a link of the blog giveaway at the top)
  • Donate a 15+ account- 10 points

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Hey there! It's...❤☮icy☮❤!!!! I am the owner of Icy Dreams and Fantage Reality. ( and I've been a blogger for about more than a year, but I love it :) If you want to contact me, just email me at Thanks!


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