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I am officially quitting. That’s it. Fantage is now the most boring thing I can hear of.

The word “Fantage” freaks me out now. I’m sticking to

Who wants to owner of this blog? Rules are: No deleting ANYTHING. THE WIDGET ABOUT ME AND OTHER THINGS LIKE THAT ARE NOT TO BE CHANGED. AT ALL.


1,000 eCoins. To own this blog.

Don’t tell me that you have to pay to own this blog, I got a HECK of a head start for you already. I got you almost 11,000 hits. So pay 1,000, please?

I will use the 1,000 eCoins to buy whatever I want to. Then I will quit blogging. And KIND OF Fantage PLAYING.


I don’t want to abandon this blog like FantageTheBest or BlissSwirl’s blog. So I want an owner. A REGULAR owner. Please, I’m begging you.

Thank you.

[not signing off until i post about the person who buys for this blog.]

So… bad news.


I kinda want to quit now.

I’m too old for Fantage. I’m almost a teen. Maybe Princess MooMoo or Casey can keep doing it, but I have competitive (VERY) skating and it’s getting too hard and complicated. Just like bliss’s blog, I’ll just be admin, but I will have workers to keep the blog alive.

What do you think? I REALLY am too old for Fantage.

Just like Foreverball11, I can’t stand it anymore. Blogging about a virtual world that is for… not “babies,” but yeah…

I’ll stay on though with Foreverball though! You can see me post over there.

I might quit when Foreverball is quitting, or a BIT later. Maybe Halloween or Thanksgiving? I don’t know.

I’d really rather be blogging about Minecraft rather than Fantage. I’ll post more later, bye!



First of all, the reason why I didn’t post AT ALL today is because I had a skating competition! I am in the Juvenile level in USFSA, so it is VERY competitive!!!!

I got 10th place, but I got a Personal Best score! So happy!

Yeah… now that I got that over with, I am WAY more relaxed. But I have another competition in September. :O

Shoot. Now I just reminded myself.