New Event: Journey Under the Sea


Hello, There is a brand new event that is slightly different yet the same Check out what you can do!!



Main Info


New Event


This is what you can do at this new event.


Limited Items


Limited Items


Who can’t forget these? They look great but Fantage could spend a little more time on it. xP Don’t buy these.




Comic for Event


Its a little boring to be honest. But it’s okay I guess.


Read the funny comics right here!




New Catalog


Fish Catalog


It seems that she needs help! But you need to buy these to get pictures:


Sea Costumes


I think this is going to be a permanent place! There’s a catalog. ;)


New Leader board




There is a new leader board, catch lots of seahorses to be featured and get a prize!


Where is it?




Its right here at the New Island. Go all the way to the right and enter, the underwater land. Then start taking some pictures and get on with this event!


Have fun and Happy Summer!






About kat

Hi, my name is Katrina, or you can call me Kat. I live in the amazing state of California and I will not reveal my age as my viewers would judge me. Playing soccer is my passion, I give my 110%. It's my favorite sport. My favorite color is blue and black, anything dark or something that appeals to my eye.

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