My Thoughts About Everything :(


So I’ve been thinking a lot lately… I feel REALLY REALLY bad. I am NOT a good blogger, so don’t convince me that I am. Just read.

Foreverball11: Started blogging in February THIS YEAR and has like what? 20,000 hits already. I started November LAST year.

Mersay: She started at the SAME time as me, and almost has 100,000 hits. I just want to say a real word of congrats to you two.

Look at FantageVille. Whenever I see this, , I feel really good for her and Casey. I have less than 10,000 ONLY. What is wrong with my blog? I know I don’t have interesting pages, but I can’t think of ideas.

To be honest, this is ALMOST my everyday life: 

Don’t say that I shouldn’t be worrying about hits and stuff, but I just feel REALLY REALLY bad. Right now in my current contest, THREE participants. To be honest, AGAIN, I really DON’T WANT TO BE GIVING AWAY MY SPRINGY SHOES. (Holy cow why did I say that publicly) I really really do not want to give it away. But I have to. For my OWN sake. I actually love them. I am actually THINKING of quitting now, and just starting a new blog and life with Foreverball11. I really don’t know.

It feels like I’m stuck between two parts: I WANT to be successful in blogging, but I don’t think I can do it like THIS. I now think that blogging about Fantage is a shame. Just a shame. I’d rather blog about Minecraft with Uran (aka Mihru) than this.



About ❤☮icy☮❤

Hey there! It's...❤☮icy☮❤!!!! I am the owner of Icy Dreams and Fantage Reality. ( and I've been a blogger for about more than a year, but I love it :) If you want to contact me, just email me at Thanks!

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  1. Chill, it takes time to get views. I started my blog in june 2011 and got views after nov 2011, we all will work on this blog and make it popular…don’t worry!

  2. *March

    I started in March, but February 28, 2013.

    Please dont feel bad. Moomoo made her blog in DECEMBER 2011. maybe January 2012? But still, please don’t compare. You will be on your way. Just think of some new ideas, some that will attract new visitors.


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