I’m only saying this because I’m trying to show you how busy I am on a typical day. It is TIRING. Look at when I wake up to actually DO something.

5:00 am: Wake up (or even earlier sometimes)

6 – 8 am: Figure Skating

8 – 8:30 am: Drive to school as fast as you can, mom. 🙂

8:38 am – 3 pm: School

3 – 3:30: Walk home

3:30 – 4 pm: Take the first (and only) break of the day.

4 – 6 pm: Piano practice

6 – 6:30 pm: Homework Part I

6:30 – 7 pm: Dinner

7 – 8 pm: Homework Part II

8 – 9 pm: Wash and sleep.

*Repeat next day, wake up at 5 to go skating again*

You see? I am doing this stuff, blogging, for YOU. I have to take time out of MY schedule and post, go on Fantage to check for events, and update certain things. My parents don’t even know I blog.

I don’t care if your parents don’t know you blog either, but if my parents found out, they would take the computer away. You are LUCKY I’m still here. So appreciate it. Appreciate the time and effort I’m putting into this.

I am NOT blaming anybody, I just want to remind you to stop thinking “Ohhhhh, Ninjsome’s blog sucks!”



Don’t try to get too much out of me…


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