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Over Trade and Sell W/ Vintage Gold…


Over Trade and Sell W/ Vintage Gold...

Trade N Sell is closing! There will be a new shop – that is Vintage Gold. Old items will be brought back and everyone can vote. So…. WHAT ITEMS exactly?

Can it be all-out possible for what’s coming? Limited items even? Will they sell extinct rares? CashU? All that was “exclusive/special”?

What could the pricing be like?

Trade and sell is still open… to buy something or not to buy something, that is the question… (or just a question… just random Shakespeare reference.)

I’m not voting! 😛 This is mad! (Just kidding but half-serious.) Fantage trolled us (or me at least).

With Trade and Sell gone it will be possible for no hacking, we could put more account for free on the free account page. Still. Troll. Selling someone’s items at Lucky Bob’s and banning.

Here’s to something of to think for the future, not just what’s wanted now; I’m zombified,



Zombi-Escape Cheats


Zobie Escape Cheats

1. Wear this costume to move faster (also used in Secret Adventure) to escape zombies..

2. Navigate away from the page – go do something else, the zombies will not load as much.

ALSO… stay on the top/middle inside the house

3. Fly- so the zombies can’t get to you at all BUT only when Fantage glitches sometimes you can do this.

Comet Candy Hair?




I was looking at this month’s hairs in Fantage’s item collection and I found comet Candy hair…


Could it be the prize? Probably not… I don’t know.

So anyone know how to get the hair or where it’s from?

Maybe a next step for investigation would be a boy’s account. You know like look in their item collection too, see if there’s sonething that stood out like the comet Candy hair.

For all I know I could be completely mistaken. But anyways wanted to share this,