All About GiftHulk

Standard is an awesome website to earn giftcards, accessories, and more! All you have to do is complete offers, play games, and much more!

Offers: Just do what they tell you, like watch a video, complete a quick survey, or download something! This gets you at LEAST 11 HulkCoins!

Videos: Watch videos, each 10 videos watched, you get 10 HulkCoins.

FOY: is the Fountain of Youth. In here, you enter codes you find or received in emails to earn a load of HC!

Guess the Card: This game requires chips, where you can use one chip to guess once. If you guess correctly, you get HC or FOY codes!

There’s more but… Using all of these HulkCoins, you can get anything for free-iTunes, Ultimate Game Cards, Accessories, Minecraft accounts, and more! Just see for yourself!


P.S. To join, click this link: Or, enter FR150202 in the Invite section!


About ❤☮icy☮❤

Hey there! It's...❤☮icy☮❤!!!! I am the owner of Icy Dreams and Fantage Reality. ( and I've been a blogger for about more than a year, but I love it :) If you want to contact me, just email me at Thanks!


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