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Vintage Gold is going to be selling this?! Totally goes against what some admins said about how they were going to “honor loyal users” and not sell some items (like this basketball hair). Admins said that CashU and FGC aren’t gonig to be sold though. Well now… who knows?

New on Vintage Today (12/28)


Just an update like this-I will do a few times starting now 🙂

Black Luxury Dress (Member): 15,000 stars; 7,500 eCoins. Rate: 3.5 stars

Violet Dress (Member): 12,000 stars; 6,000 eCoins. Rate: 4.5 stars

Alarm Clock Board (Member): 8,000 stars; 4,000 eCoins. Rate: 3 stars

Jack Frost’s Cane: 10,000 stars; 5,000 eCoins. Rate: 4 stars

I’ll do these type of things often, so you don’t have to go onto Fantage to see everything, and coming out buying nothing. 🙂



Holiday Blowout Part 2

Click here for the updated main post.


Meanwhile here I’m testing to see if tickets you earn that you didn’t spend, or tickets you have will stay in your pocket. What I mean is (random example) will I have the tickets I earn from like the Chocolate Challenge event that I didn’t spend for the next Holiday Blowout event?

~ Mrgrn