Hello Fantagians!


Hey guys, this is the first post Fantage made on their wordpress.com hosted blog. You can compare it with the same post on their now self-hosted blog: http://blog.fantage.com/?m=200802&paged=2
I posted about this before (around or before summer this year) but with just their self-hosted blog. I later found that fantage had a wordpress.com hosted one. Also that time (a time when I posted, then I quitted in July) I tweeted it and a friend pointed out the typo (know when it should be now). Also they posted it on February 6th (my birthday). So wanted to share this! You could look and read all the posts to learn more about Fantage.

P.S. This part is unrelated again but just making a personal connection… my birthday is also the day Saintsophie joined Fantage… And on Dec. 21st (winter solstice) 2011 I first created my Fantage account. Well at that time about 2 years ago I didn’t know about solstices… And yeah it was cool to find the connection. 😛

Fantage's Weblog

Hello! Hey there Fantagians! Welcome to the official Fantage blog! You will be able to find all sorts of secrets, tips, and special events on here! Be sure to check often, you don’t want to miss a thing!! Right know us folks at Fantage are working hard to update the site with new items and cool games. Don’t fret! There will be some cool tips coming up soon! In the meantime, why not create an account? Head on over to Fantage.com and make your own free account! 😀

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