Holiday Blowout 2013


This post is about the Fantage event that occurred.

Part 3 Update:


Part 2 Update:


Click here for Fantage's post.

Here are the main additions:

  • Part 2 of the event movie is now unlocked – click here for the Youtube video


  • New event minigame – Shadowboss – earn tickets by playing at the Carnival


  • New event mini game – Tower Climb – earn tickets by playing at the Castle gate
  • Prize booth items being unlocked (premium members can buy with tickets)

Map view


The games are really simple, just hand-eye coordination strategy. In terms of tickets the games are better than rockin’ around the Christmas tree.


Seasons Greetings Fantagians! The time has come…for Fantage to celebrate the holiday season with a PARTY! From Thurs. (12/19) through Mon. (1/6), come and have a blast on Fantage for the holidays!


Find “Event Movie” signs Uptown and Downtown!

Hey guys! Fantage released Holiday Blowout on December 19th, you can check out there post here. Also don’t forget to check out their Youtube for new videos, and subscribe if you want! Click here to watch part 1 of this event’s story. Also there will be a new comet editions released these weeks too.


old comet

From last week’s comet~


Event’s world map~

The event lasts for 18 days! In this time will you be able to earn the medal?
Well always enjoy your time and enjoy and learn from all you experiences as
always! Lol but if you're like hard-core gamer it's just like gotta get the
medal. Ok so before we get to the medal let's get the general information.

You can see Fantage’s world map has changed as well as Fantage’s whole landscape! It’s like welcoming a white Christmas… Also on a side note new fantastic wintery, festive furniture and a new house have also been released. There is even something for non members; Fantage is getting better at making furniture for non members.  🙂




The further away you live from the equator, the cooler the climate of your location will be… well Fantage is this floating thing in the sky… so I don’t know about that…

There will be different phrases, released each after a week with new features to the partay ouo. This post will be updated ASAP so you may want to temporarily bookmark this post. Wait have you bookmarked this blog yet?


Poke the elf omg (jkjk)


Well let’s start at square one, Downtown.

diwn town

Downtown here you can wait and then board the Polar Express! Did you know there was a film made called “The Polar Express”?


Ok so you will see the train coming and just click on it. Here what it’s like inside:


On the top-corner, 4 locations are highlighted. So what’s going on at these locations?

  • Downtown – main square, minglin’ jinglin’, board the Polar Express, and you can find the limited pet (Blizzy) and items’ carts

whole scene mt

  • Mt. Fantage – Santa’s Cottage, tree lighting, and gifting

Tree Lighting

1. Gather around the tree, dress up in blue, yellow, or red to light up the tree

2. Once the tree gets lighted, for a while tickets will appear

3. A while after the lighting ends

4. Wait for a new round to start


The tree lighted up yellow~

Santa’s Cottage (or Cabin?)


Santa will be coming on Christmas, for now you can click on the elf to gift! I wonder what gifts he will bring?

  • Carnival – ticket booth

Ticket Booth

Basically, from the tickets you earn, you can trade them in at the booth for prizes. Some prizes are for premium members only but all items can be bought but anybody with eCoins. You can’t buy the medal with tickets.


Big woop… (jkjk)


More minigames will be introduced further into this event/party~


Non mems will gain 10 lvls when obtaining the medal and premium members twice as much – 20 lvls!


  • Castle – ball drop?

We don’t know for sure, but why would it be highlighted on the Polar Express on a gold ticket? It’s a good guess (I think lol). This also reminds me of that episode of Big Bang Theory… lol anyone know what I’m talking about? nvm nvm

Last year:

Other general information:

Limited pet – Blizzy

Find the stand Downtown, Uptown, or at Pet Town

pop up

Members can buy and hatch the egg if they don’t already have Blizzy, non members can buy the magic code with eCoins. When you have hatched Blizzy you can collect a free board!

magic code

Demonstration on my friend Purpleadventure5’s account, the 1 hour is the cheapest

magic codesss

Go to your barn to use a magic code~



Gain quick access to the gifting feature by clicking on the icon on the top-right corner of your screen~

Gain quick access to the gifting feature by clicking on the icon on the top-right corner of your screen~


All gifts cost only 50 stars!

Limited Items
Save stars/eCoins if you buy all. Must do if you want to keep up your trendsetter at least.

Save stars/eCoins if you buy all. Must do if you want to keep up your trendsetter at least, or if you like any items you can choose to just buy those items (if it fits your budget too).

K guys so happy holidays! And if your Christian maybe sport a candy cane moody! Do you know the story of the candy cane?

~ Mrgrn (unicorn)



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