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Edit For 15k Hits Contest


Edit For 15k Hits Contest

This is not an official submission for the contest, I just wanted to do this for fun and I wanted to share my edit. I LOVE DETECTIVE CONAN/CASE CLOSED AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. You can head over to the contest page to check out the info… or if you scroll down more you’ll find the post Ninjome made.

Balloon Craze Encore 2/27 – 3/5




Click here for Fantage's blog post.


So Fantage has released this event, it lasts for about a week. This event is supposed to be an encore to the Balloon Craze event that took place in 2013… I still remember that time when Trade and Sell was around and we non-mem bloggers would share/borrow costumes from each other, that was cool. This event came with no comic/movie. It has a carnival set-up, which means prizes can be traded with ticket an user earns during the event.


This is the event medal… it costs 6000 tickets.

…and here is how to get tickets…

hot air ballon

You can get up to the hot air balloon from Downtown.


looks like this

click here to play free falling

Playing this game is one of the ways to earn tickets.

how to play

…and the other way is from the cloud maze…


I’m not a member and I didn’t buy the costume with eCoins so idk what clothing items you can get from the maze, I even looked through the clothing inventory collection but I couldn’t put my finger on it because of all the items that came out this month.

I think this might be one of them?

lol wat

… ok, now I am going to talk about the items:

  • items from handing in balloons
  • items from ticket booth
  • items from limited item carts


You can catch balloons around Fantage, 5 at a time I think (from last time… the 2013 Balloon Craze event). Hand in enough balloons to get the prizes.


Ticket booth prizes~


… And last thing… the limited items. The only item for non-mems are the glasses. Fantage has changed limited item carts, there used to be a “BUY ALL” option where the user would get a discount price. Now an user has to buy items one-by-one, with discounts for members. Also regarding ads, members can completely avoid them from loading before a game and non-mems can’t. Idk for sure, but for me there isn’t the “AD Mode” settings option anymore (I’m a non-mem).