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Fantage: April Fools Event!


Sorry for the late post – I was busy and Mrgrn is leaving 😦

However, here is the information for the April Fools Event! Fantage does not have a blog post on this event.


If you go on Fantage right now, like right when this post comes out, you will get a free item. Tomorrow, you will also get a free item.


This is the gift on the first day!


I honestly do not really like this board, but it’s your choice 🙂

af3 af4

That’s it! If I can, I’ll post about the free gift that is coming out tomorrow. If not, it would be very kind if one of you could email me ( the gift and what it looks like when you wear it. I’ll give credits 🙂




Hey guys! I’ve decided to quit blogging about Fantage because I do not have the time, also to play on Fantage either. If Fantage still exists, and I was a grownup and I had the time I would definitely still play and blog about it. Because I’ve done it, I know I can do it. It’s just that I’ll have to put it off for now.

I’m more flexible with microblogging, like Twitter and Tumblr. I have a Fantage Twitter @fpp71.

The Story of Fantage: Is the End Near?



Several years ago, Nons could barely do anything in comparison to Mems. The only way they could get Mem clothes was with the meager 500 they received as newbies. Back then, you could immediately tell who was a Non and who was a Mem simply by how they dressed. Because of this huge difference, Nons vs Mems fights frequently broke out.

Fantage heard this and replied. They created the Earn Free Ecoins button. Now, Nons had a lot more things on Fantage available to them. The gap between Nons and Mems closed a bit.

This was the first change that triggered several more.

Less than half a year later, Trade n Sell opened. Both nons and mems alike were delighted with this new change. Items began to have “value” and “rarity.” It was no longer impossible for Nons to obtain the items they wanted. The gap between Nons and Mems closed…

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*Two Reminders*


Fantage Reality 15k Contest

Remember that the Fantage Reality 15k Contest is ending on March 31, 2014 at 11:59 PM PCT. I have only received PurpleAdventure’s entry while I know that about 5 more people are joining.

The objective of this contest is to make a Fantage avatar resemble as close as possible to a character (movie, anime, etc.) or a real life person. You can do this by having to edit as much as possible. The winners are chosen on a poll taken by YOU, the viewers. If only PurpleAdventure joins, she will claim the prize(s).

Free Fantage Accounts

I am tired of having to remind *some* users that we do not give out free Premium Member Accounts for any reason. We will only give them out if you don’t want yours yourself (we are not forcing you). We will NOT give out a Premium Member account that was paid from out money because that means that we are basically giving money for free to you.

I really don’t want to be mean, but just giving out a Premium Member account to an anonymous user just isn’t worth it. Any comments regarding this section that are rude of inappropriate will be deleted.

Another part of this reminder is that we are not able to change the password because the accounts are donated by another user, so we do not have access to the email. Also, when donating accounts, please make sure that the information works and is correct. I am tired of having to go onto Fantage to check to see if the account is real or not. If too much of this happens, I will start to block your IP addresses. And yes, I can see your IP address when you submit the donation form.


Also, if too much drama is on the Free Fantage Accounts page, I will actually considering to shut the page for a while (Make it password-protected)


Fantage: Chat Update


Short post, just a small update on Fantage. The Fantage Blog has no blog post.

Have you ever had that time when you don’t know whenever your text shows up when you are chatting on Fantage? Fantage now has an update where if your text is in red, it means that your text did not show. Here is just a simple reminder picture:


Here is an example (Don’t worry about what I said, I didn’t not what else to say. I hope I won’t get banned for this):


(Don’t worry, I love bears)

Thank you!