~Better than the Boundaries~


Fantage Celestial: Rerun

The lines between members and non-members are fading, and that’s great! Sadly, Fantage will do anything to stop that from happening. For example, they just released an new totally unfair bonus to those who are members by having all of their text in huge bold letters and a blue background.

It’s inefficient, dumb, and really not fair to non-members who want attention for tryouts. Literally, a member chatting to a friend is more noticeable than a non hosting a tryout. So not cool! 

If you haven’t noticed, Fantage is also doing discounts. There is no point for discounts on limited items if you are a member, since starred limited items aren’t always available to non-members in the first place. Another lame shot.

Then there is all of the prizes, the bonuses, the sweet-talking that Fantage does to make non-members jealous of members. 

Stop the madness I say! Try hard not…

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