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Fantage Treasure Hunters


Treasure Hunter’s event released in Fantage!


Help Archie uncover the Monkey’s Ancient Temple!


Find the temple all the way to the left of the island.


Click bricks on the wall to break them!

Find prizes while breaking the wall!

You can even get special items or eCoins if you’re the top 100 clickers!

how to

It takes 10 clicks to break one brick with the normal brush! You can break 50 bricks with the free 500 they give you every hour!



Buy more tools, or wait a while!

Get clicking and win some prizes!




An Idea


Ok everyone!

A while ago, I had this super briliant idea!

It’s called a posting palooza!

It’ll be a whole day of posting fun on my blog! (

A new post every 1/2 hour!

An informative or random one, then a riddle or puzzle with prizes!


The only thing stopping me is participation and prizes.

So please, let me know if you’d be interested in this, and if you are, what kind of prize things you like!

Thanks for your time!



SS Items Presale


Another SS items presale on Fantage!


This time- NineTails!

Like, from Naruto people.

pink tails

blue tails

It’s pretty pricey, too.

30,000 Gold.

Which’d equal to $30 real money.


To see my bigger reaction, go here;