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My Opinion on Trade ‘N’ Sell, Vintage Gold, and MyMall


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The Fantage 099

This is a very controversial topic among Fantage, and I want to share my opinion about it.

Trade ‘N’ Sell

Everyone loved Trade ‘N’ Sell, how you could:

  • get rare items
  • transfer stars/ecoins to your own account
  • host “giveaways” on Facebook.

I liked how:

  • people could get items they really wanted
  • nonmembers were given power.

But, everyone knows, the bad part was scamming.

Scamming wasn’t good, but it wasn’t entirely Fanage’s fault. The victim wasn’t smart enough to look out for such tricks. If you’re careful, you wouldn’t get scammed. I don’t mean any offense to people out there who got scammed, I’m just saying that scamming wasn’t the shop’s fault, so scamming wasn’t the reason why Trade ‘N’ Sell closed down.

In my opinion, the reason Trade ‘N’ Sell closed was because no one was buying ecoins. Some people bought membereship so they could post starred items, but ecoins…

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Fantage Lights Out Event


Fantage has released a new event!


First, buy a costume from the cart, then search for the specific color candle and do an action near it to light it up!


There’ yellow for nonmembers, and red, blue, green, and purple choices if you’re a member!


The price is 1,500 Gold or 1,500 Stars!


The prizes are the same as last time, a pin for nonmembers, and accessories , outfits, and hairs as prizes for members!



Get into the event by buying the limited items from the cart!


That’s all for this event!