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quit fantage



Hey guys! I’ve decided to quit blogging about Fantage because I do not have the time, also to play on Fantage either. If Fantage still exists, and I was a grownup and I had the time I would definitely still play and blog about it. Because I’ve done it, I know I can do it. It’s just that I’ll have to put it off for now.

I’m more flexible with microblogging, like Twitter and Tumblr. I have a Fantage Twitter @fpp71.

Short Leave


Would’ve been frolicking in clover patches on Fantage but instead I’m settling in New France (homework haha). I’ll be back in ’bout 3-4 days. Yeah just going to be busy for a while and I’m also sick. Since there’s a new bingo grid maybe I’ll just update the Art Smarts answers (they change every week). So Ninjsome and Kz you guys cover the other stuff… and thanks!