What: Invite a friend to play Fantage, if they play for more than an hour you will be credited. If they get membership/eCoins you will gain levels towards your medal. The non member and premium member invite-a-friend medals are the same.

When: Anytime, sometimes Fantage does a limited event with special invite-a-friend medals/rewards

How: Send the friend an e-mail or just tell your friend to put in your username when registering.



What can you get?

For every friend you invite that plays for a hour at least you will get:

  1. one level – max 24
  2. 100 eCoins – max 20 times (2000 eCoins)

I invited 50 friends that played for at least an hour, but I got 24 levels so I know the max

If your friends buy any membership/eCoins you can get way more rewards. As you can see the medal goes up to 324. Meaning you can get 300 more levels from your invited friends spending money on Fantage.

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  1. I was wondering does it have to be at least an hour like here’s an example, let’s say I invited my friend and she went on at 9:57 and then she leaves at 10:57, is that an hour or not?


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