1. Premium Members Only


Find venders around Fantage that sell the coupons~

  • Wild Slinger can earn you 350+ stars a game if you use a double star coupon
  • monthly allowance – 5000 stars
  • more daily login bonuses

2. Everybody

  • play games

Get the premium seashell collector costume for 2500 eCoins~

  • sell starred items at Lucky Bob’s in the Forest
  • daily spin – chance to win 1000 stars
  • log in 7 says in a row – 350 stars

Log in 30 days in a row – 3000 stars~

  • Fantage mobile apps allow you to earn eCoins and stars (except for Starblaze)
Starblaze can also be played on FantageStarblaze can also be played on Fantage
  • You can earn about 6,000 stars in 1 hour playing Wild Runner Adventure (iOS) by repeatedly playing level 2 in Forest
  • Apps work offline, but transferring stars to your Fantage account requires wi-fi connection

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  1. You can’t sell your stickers from the school to Lucky Bob’s anymore. Fantage found out. Just say keep earning stickers from party on full servers and sell them on the right day!


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