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Fantage: Chat Update


Short post, just a small update on Fantage. The Fantage Blog has no blog post.

Have you ever had that time when you don’t know whenever your text shows up when you are chatting on Fantage? Fantage now has an update where if your text is in red, it means that your text did not show. Here is just a simple reminder picture:


Here is an example (Don’t worry about what I said, I didn’t not what else to say. I hope I won’t get banned for this):


(Don’t worry, I love bears)

Thank you!


Fantage Update: Dye Your Hair!


Fantage has released a new update: You can now dye your hair to a certain color! Click here to see Fantage’s blog post.dye1

However, this update is for Premium Members only. From another blog, I heard that this only costs 10 eCoins, which isn’t very bad.


If you are a Premium Members, just click on “Become One Today!” and you will see a window that shows a slider and what hair you currently have on.

Be aware that your die only last until you log out. When you log back in, it will no longer be dyed. Also note that during Fashion Shows, the hair will be normal-no dye will be included.

If any of you are Premium Members, please send me some pictures after the one above so everyone else can see. I’ll give you credit, thanks!