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Huge Fantage Updates!


[Okay, it’s not that huge but there’s a lot going on.]

It is finally Fantage’s 6th anniversary! There are free membership deals this week [click here for Fantage’s blog post] and giveaways relating to their anniversary!

6th Anniversary!

Let’s get to this first! This is pretty simple, but Fantage is giving away a few prizes!


As shown above, you can win an iPad Mini and other prizes! Look at the picture above ^^ for everything! (Log in for even more 🙂 )

5 7

You are ALL now Premium Members until 4/9! ^^ are things that will be happening!


Actually only Premium Member can get this. For nons, it is 5,000 eCoins 10,000 stars. Premium Members have half the price.

More Premium Member Information!


Your status will return back to normal after 4/9.



Now I have this iDFone with my status on it!

This is a big event, but I don’t want to spoil anything else. Go on Fantage right now to check everything else out!

(I’ll be updating as soon as possible if I can 🙂 )


Fantage: April Fools Event!


Sorry for the late post – I was busy and Mrgrn is leaving 😦

However, here is the information for the April Fools Event! Fantage does not have a blog post on this event.


If you go on Fantage right now, like right when this post comes out, you will get a free item. Tomorrow, you will also get a free item.


This is the gift on the first day!


I honestly do not really like this board, but it’s your choice 🙂

af3 af4

That’s it! If I can, I’ll post about the free gift that is coming out tomorrow. If not, it would be very kind if one of you could email me (fantagereality@yahoo.com) the gift and what it looks like when you wear it. I’ll give credits 🙂


St. Patrick’s Day Gift


Short post, because this is just about the St. Patrick’s Day Gift that you will receive for free!

It’s just a simple hair item, which to me, doesn’t look too good. However, it is your opinion 🙂

It’s just today, so be sure to get it now!


[kz1212 post girl come on :D]


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