Fantage Farm first appeared on Fantage on December 12th 2013. Click here to view Fantage’s blog post. The medal is 35 levels maxed, and it is for everyone, including non members.

Each user has his/her own farm. Users are able to access anyone’s farm from their IDfone. So anyone can visit your farm, doesn’t matter if your house is locked.

IDfone buttom

Outside a user’s home, there are the pet barn and fantage farm icons on the bottom-left corner. Click on the FARM icon to go into the user’s farm.

home button

The whole screen look like this (your own barn):

whole screen

Everyone starts with 5 plots of land. As your farm level ups, more plots are unlocked. You can unlock plots early by using eCoins.

Tip if you want to spend eCoins to unlock plots: first unlock the plots that will require higher level to unlock
status bars


There are two status bars: your energy and your experience/farm level

  • To level up you need to collect/gain experience points which are gained by harvesting

harvesting crop for self

  • To harvest you need to plant seeds in the plots and let them grow and energy



To plant seeds, select/click on an empty plot. This window will pop up and you can choose what seeds you want to plant. You can view information about the seeds and early unlock seeds with eCoins.


click on the plots you want to plant a particular kind of seed in



click FINISH when done planting w/ a particular kind of seed


  • To obtain energy:
  • if you are situated in your farm you will have to manually collect it by hovering your mouse over these shiny light things

sun energy hover

  • energy automatically charges, offline or online
  • eCoins: 2 eCoins=1 energy
buy to fill

click on the status bar for this to pop up, the whole bar will fill up to the max capacity if you buy

  • another way is to harvest other users’ crops, which is not good because the users’ crops will not be harvested by the user, instead they will only amount to one energy per crop to the harvester, no one will get experience points

visit buddy


From your farm, you can directly access your buddies’ farms

bud harvest

You can only harvest 3 crops of a user every day.

buddyClick on the left and right arrows to navigate through your buddies, click a buddy’s name to visit their barn. The number shows how many crops that you can still harvest from that buddy for the day.

back to my farm

To go back to your farm from another user’s, simply click the icon on the top-right corner

out door

On the left side of the screen, you click the gate to go out to your own house or the user’s house, if the user’s house is locked you will be directed back to your own house.

Every time you level up your farm:

  1. medal levels upmedal
  2. energy capacity increases (eCoin upgrade available to premium members), and it also fills up immediately for one time after you level up
  3. seeds unlock
  4. plots unlock


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