1. Be random
When you help harvest someone’s crops the user will receive the experience points and stars and you will receive energy. If you go to a full server there will be lots of users you can help to harvest their crops and gain energy.

2. Efficiency

Fantage Farm is relatively simple and easy, you can choose your own pace and find your own balance.

Planting a plot uses 1 energy and harvesting  a plot uses 1 energy.

itemsThe fastest ways to gain experience points would be to plant and harvest Wheat and/or Corn. With Corn you are getting the same experience point output with having to spend half the amount of energy.

3. Energy and Time Balance

Energy automatically charges at a constant rate unless the user is in his/her farm. When you are online and when you go offline to live your life and do whatever you want to make the most of it.

If you want your crops to grow faster, make a new account and click on your main account’s crops and the grow time will decrease. You and your friend can help each other.


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