1. Watching Ads, sometimes there will be a survey question, for example: “How favorable did you find Degree Men’s deoderant after watching this advertisement?”

You don't actually have to watch the ad or sometimes even play it (just leave
it open for as long as the video).
Already part of the Fantage game, except you need to have AD mode enabled. Maybe your parents or yourself do not want to have these ads around. Ads are also played sometimes before some games for 20 stars (ads sometimes PG 13 – mature).
ad mode

Lot of the time there are ads to watch where you can earn 30 eCoins


Also integrated in a user’s IDfone, sometimes there are ads for 20-25 eCoins too.

You could earn 1000 eCoins a month like this if you earn on average  a bit more than 30 eCoins/day. Just watch one or two a day, easy right? Will only take a minute!

30 eCoins × 30 days = 900 eCoins
30 eCoins x 4 ads = 120 eCoins

900 eCoins + 120 eCoins = 1020 eCoins

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