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Since Mrgrn is leaving (post before the Comic Crest one), I will need a new ADMIN on this blog. I am currently in middle school and can not possibly run this blog and my personal one, The Random Star. I am looking for bloggers with experience, willing the post, and to just take good care of the blog.

Because I am following my viewers wishes, I will never close down this blog. But, I do not want this blog to be inactive. I really need someone to help me out. If you are interested, please fill out the form below and answer it in the COMMENTS. Thank you 🙂

1. Username


3. How long have you been blogging?

4: How old are you? [1-5] [6-10] 11-13] [14-16] [17+]

5. What is your blog link?

6. How many hits does your blog get in one day, on average?

7. How often will you post?

8.  How will you make this blog better?

9. Will you post about events?

10. Can I trust you to add free accounts and update the blog?

Thank you so much! If you don’t make it, I will remember you for next time 🙂


New: Fantage Comic Crest!


This is not an event-it is just an addition to Fantage.

The new Comic Crest is at the Grotto! It is not a game, so this is pretty much self explanatory. But, I’ll walk through the steps to show you if you are interested!


Once you go into the grotto, it will look like this:


If you click on the fairy on top, you will see this:

On the left, there are the months of your birthday. Click on your month and you will see different “characteristics” of yourself!


When you get to your birthday month, you will see something like this:

If you click on each of them, there are Moodies and Boards. Honestly, I don’t like any of them but it’s your choice. I would not recommend them, for they are a waste of eCoins or stars.


For March (my birthday month), the little “moodie” is green. It’s really plain, and such a waste.

It is 200 stars and 100 eCoins.


I’d say the boards are okay, but my problem is that all of them are the same. If I were the workers in Fantage, I would probably make the board related to Clovers. For February, maybe hearts, and so on.


vv This is NOT  me. I used someone as a model to show what the moodies look like. Aren’t they… a little… too big?

Thank you for reading!


New On Vintage Today (1/25)


I’ve finally found the chance to post again on this blog, so why not start with an update on Vintage Gold today? 😀

Animated Frisky Blonde Hair (Member): 140,000 stars, 70,000 eCoins. Rate: ★★★★★ !Recommended!

Teal Keyboard Accessory (Member): 12,000 stars, 6,000 eCoins. Rate: ★★★★

My Own Tea Cup Board (Member): 15,000 stars, 7,500 eCoins. Rate: ★★★

Cool Hair: 25,000 stars, 12,500 eCoins. Rate: ★★★

I’ll be adding what type of item it is (hair, board, etc.)


Winter Froze!?

Click here for the main post.

Hey guys, Fantage has released a  new event but there isn’t alot of action/gaming. Just farming and recreational/social activity at the Beach.

There is no event medal but there are special limited crops that are awesome for stars or levelling up your Fantage Farm medal.