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hello hello and hello! my name is karley & im an enthusiast for anime, kdramas, and food. and probably somewhat for fantage & transformice ;)

My Opinion on Trade ‘N’ Sell, Vintage Gold, and MyMall


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The Fantage 099

This is a very controversial topic among Fantage, and I want to share my opinion about it.

Trade ‘N’ Sell

Everyone loved Trade ‘N’ Sell, how you could:

  • get rare items
  • transfer stars/ecoins to your own account
  • host “giveaways” on Facebook.

I liked how:

  • people could get items they really wanted
  • nonmembers were given power.

But, everyone knows, the bad part was scamming.

Scamming wasn’t good, but it wasn’t entirely Fanage’s fault. The victim wasn’t smart enough to look out for such tricks. If you’re careful, you wouldn’t get scammed. I don’t mean any offense to people out there who got scammed, I’m just saying that scamming wasn’t the shop’s fault, so scamming wasn’t the reason why Trade ‘N’ Sell closed down.

In my opinion, the reason Trade ‘N’ Sell closed was because no one was buying ecoins. Some people bought membereship so they could post starred items, but ecoins…

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Yo yo yo wassup


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Anyways, I have a free hair edit thing for you guys if you want to use it. You probably don’t but that’s not what matters at the moment but it actually kind of does because this is what I’m talking about but partially not because-

Yeah, I talk too much.

Or should I say, type to much.


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so here’s the hair edit I made..

I was kinda being lazy because I didn’t recolour it the same but I’m sure you guys are pro enough that you can do it 😀


Have fun wiffit


The Story of Fantage: Is the End Near?



Several years ago, Nons could barely do anything in comparison to Mems. The only way they could get Mem clothes was with the meager 500 they received as newbies. Back then, you could immediately tell who was a Non and who was a Mem simply by how they dressed. Because of this huge difference, Nons vs Mems fights frequently broke out.

Fantage heard this and replied. They created the Earn Free Ecoins button. Now, Nons had a lot more things on Fantage available to them. The gap between Nons and Mems closed a bit.

This was the first change that triggered several more.

Less than half a year later, Trade n Sell opened. Both nons and mems alike were delighted with this new change. Items began to have “value” and “rarity.” It was no longer impossible for Nons to obtain the items they wanted. The gap between Nons and Mems closed…

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~Better than the Boundaries~


Fantage Celestial: Rerun

The lines between members and non-members are fading, and that’s great! Sadly, Fantage will do anything to stop that from happening. For example, they just released an new totally unfair bonus to those who are members by having all of their text in huge bold letters and a blue background.

It’s inefficient, dumb, and really not fair to non-members who want attention for tryouts. Literally, a member chatting to a friend is more noticeable than a non hosting a tryout. So not cool! 

If you haven’t noticed, Fantage is also doing discounts. There is no point for discounts on limited items if you are a member, since starred limited items aren’t always available to non-members in the first place. Another lame shot.

Then there is all of the prizes, the bonuses, the sweet-talking that Fantage does to make non-members jealous of members. 

Stop the madness I say! Try hard not…

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